Paul Myers – MCi Tours

Having bought a KTM 1050 Adventure I was probably in more need than most for a hot bum solution, as the KTMs run really hot and the heat source is right below the seat. The previous year on a tour to Sicily had been particularly uncomfortable, and I was keen to see how much difference this would make on my tour to Romania.

Having done many thousands of miles on mine and can confirm that not only does it work with regard to heat build up, but it is not showing any signs of wear. It also adds an extra level of comfort to the ‘Comfort’ seats I have on the bike. The mesh seems to spread your weight more evenly across the bum, and numbness and pins and needles are a thing of the past. Added bonus is that in the rain it avoids the puddling in your groin that normally results in some dampness getting through your trousers, and first thing in the morning you don’t need to wipe the seat if there has been rain.

All in all, a great product that I highly recommend to my customers.