I was looking at options for a more comfortable ride on my 2006 BMW R1200GS when I stumbled on ‘cool covers’ . I done a bit of research and read the reviews which were great. I thought I’d give one a try before spending hundreds of pounds on a complete new seat.
Well I wasn’t disappointed! The cool cover was a doddle to fit and improved my ride no end. I used it on a 2k European tour and not a single mile of it did I feel any discomfort during my ride. Needless to say I’m about to order another one for my BMW R1200 GSA Rallye I have just purchased. Happy riding 😃!

C Watson

Triumph Tiger 900 GT Pro.
I’m a returning customer having previously had one of these excellent covers on a Tiger 800.
As the 900 is a new model I rode to the facility in Ledbury for the rider and pillion seats to be manufactured whilst I waited. I can honestly say, having witnessed the care, attention to detail and pride making sure the covers fitted perfectly, anyone else with a new 900 (or any other model) should have no doubts in the quality or fit. I’ve done long trips to Scotland and Europe… thousands of miles. These covers just work, keeping you cool and comfortable. Oh, did I mention that they lovely people too. Thank you for a great product.

Tim Rodway

Well not been the sort to endorse anything as a rule and having spent literally thousands of pounds on custom seats for various bikes and finding sheepskin better than anything else I thought I’d try a cool cover. Absolutely the best thing ever, I can not believe the difference, that good I now have a cool cover on all my travel bikes. Fantastic, cheers chaps 👍👍👍

Phil Denny

Installed my Cool Cover yesterday and it fits really well and looks great on my 2017 BMW GSA with a Sargent Driver Seat. It actually closed the gap some between the tank and seat. I rode 225 miles today with the Cool Cover and it works as advertised. I could actually feel cool air under my butt. Just so you know it was an average of 85° today. I also like how the Cool Cover eliminated the hot spots I had on my seat. I have tried Air Hawk, Sheep Skin, and Butt Buffer in the past. If today’s ride is a sign of how the Cool Cover will feel during future rides I’m excited.

Mark J

Fits very good on my V85tt. Its works very good, cool butt and soft to my butt. Thx.


Arrived, and no electricity. So had test ride with the cover for a Triumph tiger sport 1050. But I have the narrow seat which it fitted nicely. It was received promptly in the post. Now after several thousands miles later, a great product, not only cool bum and a more comfortable seat. And we don’t sit in a pool of water lol. Even the otherhalf likes the cover for the same reason. Great product. Cheers


Áron Molnár Honestly, this cover is the best thing ever happened to my bottom!I will never leave anywhere without it anymore. John Small gave me this cover last year in June at the horizons unlimited meeting just before me and my fiancee started our RTW trip on my BMW R1200GSA 2009. We didn’t know anything about it but over the next few months it became the most favourite piece of gear. This cover saved us from suffering in the hottest heatwave in europe, in the biggest rainstorms in Kazakhstan… once in Australia on the way from Port Lincoln to Port Augusta 48,5°C was indicated on the dashboard, it was a life saver! The only time we decided to remove it was in Siberia in the snowfall where it was simply too cold. I can only recommend it to any biker! Thank you John, you are a legend!

Aron and Steph

What a great product!

I live in Houston Texas and ride long distances as well. While the seat of the BMW R1200RS does not get hot from a mechanical heat source (like an exhaust), heat does build up and every bit of airflow can only make the ride more comfortable. While I have not tested this in a Houston summer, testing it today (65 deg.F) suggests that it will perform very well – it must by design. You are kep elevated above the surface of the seat and as a result air is able to flow feely. It also seems like a durable product that will last for some time to come.

Review on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P-4CCaXJbi8

Grumpy Goat

Having bought a KTM 1050 Adventure I was probably in more need than most for a hot bum solution, as the KTMs run really hot and the heat source is right below the seat. The previous year on a tour to Sicily had been particularly uncomfortable, and I was keen to see how much difference this would make on my tour to Romania.

Having done many thousands of miles on mine and can confirm that not only does it work with regard to heat build up, but it is not showing any signs of wear. It also adds an extra level of comfort to the ‘Comfort’ seats I have on the bike. The mesh seems to spread your weight more evenly across the bum, and numbness and pins and needles are a thing of the past. Added bonus is that in the rain it avoids the puddling in your groin that normally results in some dampness getting through your trousers, and first thing in the morning you don’t need to wipe the seat if there has been rain.

All in all, a great product that I highly recommend to my customers.

Paul Myers – MCi Tours

How I have managed without this I’m not sure. Great comfort and nice and cool. Looks nice and pretty sure the longer rides will be even better now. 5 star service from start to finish thanks John

Richard Jackson