Being IBA members we have tried so many different ways of trying to make our seats slightly more comfy, I seriously thought this was just a bit of a gimmick and probably wouldn’t work but hey let’s give it a go.
How wrong we were, not only do the look cool but they most certainly keep you cool, and a cool posterior is so much better than a overheated sweaty one.
The added bonus is when it rains your not sat in the water that runs off and accumulates in a puddle giving you the feeling of a soggy wet crotch!!
And to top it off it adds just a nice level of bounce and spring to your seat for extra comfort.
Highly recommended by these and quite a few other iba and long distance riders, we have most certainly tried and tested them in all conditions over some very serious mileage.

Mark & Denise Collins

I ordered a cool cover 4 my R1 2004 as the exhaust runs under seat getting very uncomfortable in the summer The cool cover did the trick also fitted nicely Great company to deal with Thanks very much Deb and John P S will definitely tell all mates about great friendly service Thankyou

Chris G

Just been over to Ledbury to get new seat cover. Saw these at the ABR festival last weekend but didn’t have any in stock so they invited me to the factory to make me one. And I must say I’m impressed as got soaked on way back home but backside and bits nice and dry 😇🏍 typically suns come out now so off to test the cooling of the men’s bits 🤣 or substitute girls if your a female 😇 👍 It’s a 5 stars from me


Objednal som na Suzuki DL 1050 V-strom. Balik mi prišiel do 7 dni. Vyskušane pri 32° funguje to vyborne.
Ďakujem a pozdravujem zo Slovensk

I ordered a Suzuki DL 1050 V-tree. Balik came to me within 7 days. Tried at 32 ° it works great.
Thank you and greetings from Slovakia


Peter Frimmel

Ordered a coolcover for my tracer 900 from coolcover. Co uk in Ledbury, Herefordshire which was dispatched quickly but did not fit my low seat very well. Contacted Deb at the company who offered me full refund or they would custom make one for me which they did. Beautiful fit and customer service first class. I can not recommend them highly enough.

Ian paterson
200 kms ride
Cool covers did the trick👍
Average 32 deg C
It is hot and humid in Malaysia!
Kept the old backside cool (I wear proper riding mesh summer trousers with hip and knee CE rated protectors)
Very pleased with the fit of the covers both rider and pillion covers
Allan from Malaysia

First run out with my new cool cover. To be honest I was sceptical about how good it could be, but it’s made a massive difference! It genuinely did feel like the seat was air conditioned. It didn’t flatten out when sat on either, making it very comfortable.

Highly recommended to all 👌

Allan Sheridan
Just did 5000mi trip across western USA including days of 100degF temperatures. My Triumph Explorer dumps heat into the seat area making rides like this awful. I decided to try your product and what a great decision, your product made it so much better!
William USA

Having seen how effective the cover was on my wifes’ S1000R we made another trip to Ledbury yesterday to have a cover made for my own S1000XR “whilst we waited”.

The cover is a great fit over my Wunderlich seat, looks cool, is cool and made our 4-hour ride back to Yorkshire this morning very pleasant indeed.

One day, all seats will be made like this. In the meantime, you know where to go.


Peter S

Had a cover custom made for our S1000R whilst we had lunch in a nearby pub. The seat looks great and transforms comfort in the recent hot weather – what had been a hot and sticky bum was transformed to a cool and cosseted one in an instant. Lovely people to deal with as well. What’s not to like? Thank you.

Peter S