Fits really easily and well, and the team at the Adventure Bike Rider festival were great!

Simon Roskrow

The best thing for my riding comfort since I started riding. I bought it at the ABR Festival in 2022. The guys were super helpful and even helped squeeze it on to the seat.
Fantastic product. Can’t recommend highly enough!

Mike Partridge

Great accessory. Excellent for KTM heat issues plus keeps your backside dry, stops pillion sliding about and with Power Parts seat has made bike all day comfortable for the two of us even riding everyday for a month around Europe in very varied weather conditions!
Quality kit 👍

Hamish Forward

Absolutely brilliant customer service from Debs and the team, custom made my seat cover while I waited.
The journey down to Ledbury was in the recent hot weather and very uncomfortable, back home with the Cover on and the difference was unbelievable, comfortable and cool.
Had several rides with the cover on now and can’t fault it.
Also nice to buy from and Support a British company.
Dave D

dave deeley

Wow, what a top quality product, this is my second order(previously i got one for my Himaylayan) arrived in mega quick time, easy to fit, tested straight away in the Peak District over a really warm weekend. Faultless, kept me cool, and extra comfy. Very pleased.

Andrew Jones

Both covers fit really well despite the awkward shape of the front of each seat and they look great . On top of that John express shipped me a replacement cover that arrived next day before lunchtime after I discovered the 390 cover originally sent was for a 390 ADV rather than a Duke. Can’t wait to get out and try them!


Had a cool cover on a Z1000sx, loved it, bought rider and pillion cool covers for my fjr, fit them both in 5mins, I would say at the outset that fjr seats are very comfortable I’ve done over 50k miles on them, but I was so impressed with the one I fitted to my Kwak, that it’s going to make my riding even more pleasurable, also for my pillion, it will help stop her sliding into me when braking.. Love em. Tommy

Tommy Mckell

My mate raved about the Cool Cover fitted on his BMW so I decided to try one.
I live locally, so dropped in to have a chat with John and mentioned that I was dropping my bike in for a service at Lee Motorcycles, Cool Covers neighbour. John said that he would pop round to Lee’s, pick the seat up, get his staff to make a bespoke cover and return the seat ready for me to pick the bike up the next day.
What fantastic Service.
The cover looked great, the seat has got a v shape in the back of it and the cover fitted perfectly. I went the long way home to try it out and can honestly say that I could feel the cold March air flowing around my nether regions. I can’t wait to try it out when it gets warmer.
Fantastic service and would highly recommend John and his staff.

Simon B

I had seen this for years and always thought abut getting one, after a brief test with a small generic pad/cover, I took the plunge and ordered one from Cool Covers.

It fits my bike seat perfectly, plenty of overlap and covers the entire seat including the sides.

Even though this is not quite the right time of year, you can feel the cool air under you and how it is keeping your bum cooler.

The first time I rode to work in heavy rain I didn’t give it much thought until I arrived and got off the bike to realise that I hadn’t been sitting in a puddle of cold water for the last 35 minutes.

Looking forward to the summer to see the cooling effects then.

I thoroughly recommend getting a Cool Cover, after 50 years riding it has been a bit of a revelation for me, cool bum and no puddles, plus I find it helps with comfort and location as I don’t slide under braking etc.

Rob Lye

Got my Cool Cover and was excited to see if it works as good as advertised. It does! On the very first ride I could feel the air circulating through the Cool Cover it also gives the bike a great look as well! Great product!!

Harry C.