having just completed 2800 miles in Austrian Alps with temperatures from 22 to 35 + my backside roasted!!!. found this seatcover when returned home in Adventure Bike magazine and ordered one straight away. Fitted it yesterday and did 200 miles, WOW!!! it worked!!! in 27 degrees heat. No more roasted rear end for me. This is by far the best seat I’ve used out of memory foam,gel,air and mixtures of all under my rear!!! Best £65 I’ve spent. Thanks

Paul Brown

Put the cover on yesterday, then 6 hours riding. It’s great. Better than an air hawk


Bought the cover a few months ago for my GSA and used it on a 5 week tour of Southern Africa. It was amazingly comfortable as well as regulating temperature in various conditions.

Garth C

So, I love my VFR (8th Gen). It does everything remarkably well, it handles, it’s plenty quick, it’s well equipped and it looks bonny……but it can give me a bloody numb arse after a while.
I took a trip down to Hereford yesterday and visited a company called Cool Covers who hand made me their excellent product whilst I waited. They increase the comfort massively, but on top of that, it lets air flow between you and the seat (less sweaty crevices) and water can drain away beneath you in a downpour. I can’t recommend this highly enough and the bonus is, because I made the trip down there they now have a template and can offer the VFR 8th Gen covers via t’internet. I was only going to buy the front, but I was so impressed I ended up splashing out on the rear too.
Anyway!! Look them up, you won’t be disappointed.

Kevin Day

Great product and a great service.
It goes someway into easing the discomfort that ever KTM adventure rider is suffering with the hard seat and the rear cylinder heat

Peter Cashel

Had a ride on my mates ccm same bike as mine and was amazed at the difference it made , got home and ordered covers for my two bikes

George Mizler

Meet Big John at the HUBB UK where he spun his sales pitch about his wonder cover a few beers later a deal was struck and I promised good or bad I would write a review on the cool cover. Well it’s fits like a glove took about 5 minutes to fit so it was time to test it a non stop ride to Camden in London from my house in Caerphilly on the hottest day of the year only stopping for fuel in the return leg as Mrs Brown would say Feck me it worked no numb bum or sweaty boxers over 4 hours riding and it was all good. Now I know not every ones butt is the same but this is a cheap way to resolve the issue before forking out £300 for a so called Touratech seat. Which is now up for sale.

Dave Stibbs

KTM has some issues on their 1190/1290 Adventure bikes with a seat that gets warm/hot when driving. I tried this cover as a test and wow! Crazy simple solution. Took me 3 min to install and works fantastic! Up here in the Nordics you are actually considering removing the cover some days just because the seat gets too cold! =) Great, simple and cheap solution! Thanks!

Johan N

I am thrilled with Cool Covers performance on my 2018 BMW R1200 GS. John was extremely helpful with my purchase and shipped to the U.S.. I just completed 3 day ride in very warm weather in the Cascade Mountains in the Pacific Northwest. My riding buddies complained about their seats with excessive heat while I just smiled at them. All of them were asking me were to buy this product. I am very proud to be the first to purchase in the states. Thank you for making this product. Highly recommend

Craig McGlinchey

Hi John, just returned from a biking trip to Bopped in Germany & thank god for the covers I picked up from you for my BMW R1200RS. They certainly do what they say on the tin with the weather all week in the high 20’s. Even the wife on pillion said how much she liked them & so comfortable.
A lot of interest was shown by other members of the group I went with, with one of the lads Ian ordering some from you while out there.

Pete Tasker