During the past 25 years I’ve used a Corbin saddle on my K1, Gel saddles on my VFR and Daytona 955i, Gel pads on the Daytona, an Airhawk on my VFR and Aprilia Falco, Sheepskins on the VFR and Daytona and many other types of ‘seat improvements’. Yet unfortunately I can honestly say that none of them have really worked.

However, I’ve found that the Cool Cover which I purchased from John at the Overland Event this year, has worked perfectly for me. And not only does it indeed keep you ‘cool’ when riding in hot weather, but when riding with it for just over 4,000 kms in France this September I found that it completely removed the ‘numb bum feeling’ I’ve previously endured on all of my longer trips. What’s more, it is by far the simplest to use of all the products I’ve tried, given that it really is a ‘fit and forget’ product. Plus, when it rains (and the rain has stopped) but you then need to get on your bike, you will find that any rain water will have either run off the saddle or dropped down below where you sit. So getting onto a wet bike in dry weather leaves you (and in particular your seat area) totally dry.

So, in summary, I’m really glad I’ve got a Cool Cover fitted to my bike, and I think it represents superb value for money given how it has transformed my ride. I do wish I’d had one years ago, and I based on my own personal experience, I would whole heartedly recommend a Cool Cover to anyone else who may be looking for something to help them keep cool in hot weather and generally ‘ease their ride’.

Mark Connell

I bought my cover at the overland event as I was going to the alps on my Africa Twin adventure sports, and wanted to improve the comfort of my seat! I was not disappointed it worked really well ?

Julian White

Rang Cool Covers having seen a review by The Missenden Flyer on you tube for his GS they stated had not made a cover for a Stree Triple. Asked if I could bring the bike to them, so today rode down to Hereford and arrived at 10:20 by 11:50 I was riding away on a cover I watched made from start to finish. What great friendly service and my bike is now the photo on their web site.
Great comfort on my 106 mile return journey left home at 8:00 and was back home by 1:45 this afternoon a very happy bunny.

Pete Campbell

A review by Views From The Man Cave.


Views from the man cave

Bought a cover for my GSA and have done a couple of days out riding, it makes riding miles more comfortable and keeping cool is a nice bonus.


having just completed 2800 miles in Austrian Alps with temperatures from 22 to 35 + my backside roasted!!!. found this seatcover when returned home in Adventure Bike magazine and ordered one straight away. Fitted it yesterday and did 200 miles, WOW!!! it worked!!! in 27 degrees heat. No more roasted rear end for me. This is by far the best seat I’ve used out of memory foam,gel,air and mixtures of all under my rear!!! Best £65 I’ve spent. Thanks

Paul Brown

Put the cover on yesterday, then 6 hours riding. It’s great. Better than an air hawk


Bought the cover a few months ago for my GSA and used it on a 5 week tour of Southern Africa. It was amazingly comfortable as well as regulating temperature in various conditions.

Garth C

So, I love my VFR (8th Gen). It does everything remarkably well, it handles, it’s plenty quick, it’s well equipped and it looks bonny……but it can give me a bloody numb arse after a while.
I took a trip down to Hereford yesterday and visited a company called Cool Covers who hand made me their excellent product whilst I waited. They increase the comfort massively, but on top of that, it lets air flow between you and the seat (less sweaty crevices) and water can drain away beneath you in a downpour. I can’t recommend this highly enough and the bonus is, because I made the trip down there they now have a template and can offer the VFR 8th Gen covers via t’internet. I was only going to buy the front, but I was so impressed I ended up splashing out on the rear too.
Anyway!! Look them up, you won’t be disappointed.

Kevin Day

Great product and a great service.
It goes someway into easing the discomfort that ever KTM adventure rider is suffering with the hard seat and the rear cylinder heat

Peter Cashel