How I have managed without this I’m not sure. Great comfort and nice and cool. Looks nice and pretty sure the longer rides will be even better now. 5 star service from start to finish thanks John

Richard Jackson

They work!!!!!!
Stopped in at Ledbury and had covers made for our custom seats on our BMW 1250GSA. John and Co. could not have been more helpful.
Then did 140 miles non stop back home. The seat covers made it very comfortable – and cool…… gentlemen’s bits were extremely comfortable, and my wife had a smile on her face! It was weird to feel the cool air flowing between my thighs then all the way under my backside – just as advertised. Thoroughly recommended!

Chris Hobson

This product works, it really cools your body ( buttock). I rode 26,000 km from eastern Canada to Alaska and back in a variety of temperatures. It really improved my riding and extended my time/distance between each stop. It also fits great on your seat. It’s so effective that when the temperature fell below 12 degrees Celsius, I had to lay something over it because I was getting cold. I also want to mention that the staff at Cool Covers were exceptional in dealing with. I recommend this product because it works. Please be aware that the Cool Cover does not solve all your riding comfort issues. The type of seat, the location of the pegs and other factors affect the overall comfort in a ride.


It’s August in Texas. 104 deg f (40 c) in the shade! I bought a cool cover for my Triumph Tiger 800 back in the spring. Of all the mods I have done to my bike this has had the most impact on my riding comfort. You can hop on the bike after sitting in direct sun with no heat whatsoever. Before my pants would be soaking wet after a short ride in the summer. Now they stay dry and you can actually feel the airflow on your butt when riding! On to of that the factory seat is much more plush and comfortable. Fitment was spot on. A big “Yehaw” for Cool Covers!

Michael Barnett

Yesterday i bought the product for rider for bmw r1200gsa 2017.
perhaps the first customer in greece!!
for 40-42 degrees celcius this is a must!!!


Ordered a cool cover to fit my BMW GSA. firstly, fantastic customer service and secondly a fantastic product which not only does exactly as it’s name suggests but looks great too! Thank you

Rob Preece

I used a bike fitted with a cool cover for a trip accross Austrailia. After 4000+ miles and three weeks in the saddle there is no doubt it made my trip much more comfortable than it would have been otherwise. I felt the differance from the outset. For sure I’ll be fitting to my bikes in future.


Fitted a cover to my Triumph Tiger 800 and it works that well, I have just ordered one for my BMW RT1200

Dave Stacey

I have had my cool cover on my BMW R1200 GSA now for a year and have ridden over 22000 miles on it. I have to say it’s a very good product and has made riding more enjoyable. My butt likes it too. keeps it cool in the hot weather and dry in the wet. great invention! To be fair my one is starting to wear out a little in places, but it has done a lot of hard miles and cant last forever! new one will be ordered soon! The pillions I’ve had on my bike have also said it is much more comfortable than just the stock seat, so it’s win win all around!

jools moore

Just had my first ride using the Cool Cover and cannot praise it enough. It has made riding my Ducati Multistrada a real pleasure. Until now, rides have been spoiled by the tremendous amount of heat coming up through the seat on the Ducati. The Cool Cover allows cooling air to circulate and adds an additional benefit of extra comfort due to its ‘springy’ characteristics. Would recommend.

John Hood