Dan Trewhitt

Last year I got one of these for my 1150GS when at over 70,000 miles on the clock the seat was getting to be more than just a bit uncomfortable on longer journeys. The Cool Cover cured that problem instantly – now a full tank (Circa 200 miles) can be used and I can still walk when I dismount at the end of the journey.

I have bought a Royal Enfield Interceptor 650. Unfortunately it too gave me a problem of numb bum but at only about 50 to 60 miles. That is such a shame because it’s a great fun bike.

Today I went down to visit Cool Covers in Ledbury and had a cover made for the Interceptor.

Absolutely spot on! I’ve done well over 100 miles on it today and no evidence of numb bum at all.

In my opinion these are a brilliant and stylish addition to your bike – especially if you are unable to go far without the dreaded onset of numb bum.

Thank you Cool Covers.