Aron and Steph

Áron Molnár Honestly, this cover is the best thing ever happened to my bottom!I will never leave anywhere without it anymore. John Small gave me this cover last year in June at the horizons unlimited meeting just before me and my fiancee started our RTW trip on my BMW R1200GSA 2009. We didn’t know anything about it but over the next few months it became the most favourite piece of gear. This cover saved us from suffering in the hottest heatwave in europe, in the biggest rainstorms in Kazakhstan… once in Australia on the way from Port Lincoln to Port Augusta 48,5°C was indicated on the dashboard, it was a life saver! The only time we decided to remove it was in Siberia in the snowfall where it was simply too cold. I can only recommend it to any biker! Thank you John, you are a legend!