Been to Cool Covers today to have one made for my 5th generation Honda VFR800FI. Have to say what a lovely experience it was. I had already purchased a cover for my Tenere 700 earlier this year and was so impressed with it I wanted one for the VFR that I use as a bike instructor. Anyone who spends time on a bike would definitely benefit from one of these covers. They improve comfort, keep you cool in the summer and keep your backside dry in the rain. The way the seat cover was made was superbly professional although just the buying experience alone is worth a visit. Highly recommended.

Paul Chapman

The journey back was 3 hours + so it got a good test.

In a nutshell, I am really pleased with it. I noticed the cooling effect almost immediately as my pants were already damp from the journey down and wind around and through the cover aided the drying process and kept me cool. This wouldn’t have happened on the seat without the cover. The cover also felt comfortable/non fatiguing and this is critical especially for long days in the saddle.

I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs in the warmer weather. Only 6 months to wait…..

Thanks again for making the cover for me, so far so good.

Phil W

excellent product bought one for my bmw r1200rt ,winter summer super,a few years back
Now buying one for my r1100gs that I use for green laning

c o brien

I was a bit sceptical at first but ordered a cool cover anyway for my 2020 1250 GSA with a Rally seat. Well worth every penny. I was amazed that I could actually feel the cooling airflow underneath. Haven’t tried it out in the rain yet but I have no reason to doubt it would be just as effective. Fast shipping to Canada also. Big thumbs up!

Paul H

Initially sceptical, so managed to get a nice one second hand for my Tiger 800. Rode for a couple of hours after I fitted it and could not believe how much more comfortable it was.
Sweaty B’s gone!!
Top bit of kit, thoroughly recommend one even at list price.

Chris Eldred

Will never ride without my Cool cover again (Tiger 800), a must have accessory.

Mark Kurzeja

I ordered a cool cover for my Tracer 900 & what a difference it’s made. You get a nice airflow making riding that bit more enjoyable.


Excellent service and product – we were touring in the area and you were able to make at very short notice 2 custom seat covers for our Tiger Sports. We managed to test our covers in both the rain and heat on our journeys home and they certainly do work and definitely improve the overall comfort.

Robin Hall

Being IBA members we have tried so many different ways of trying to make our seats slightly more comfy, I seriously thought this was just a bit of a gimmick and probably wouldn’t work but hey let’s give it a go.
How wrong we were, not only do the look cool but they most certainly keep you cool, and a cool posterior is so much better than a overheated sweaty one.
The added bonus is when it rains your not sat in the water that runs off and accumulates in a puddle giving you the feeling of a soggy wet crotch!!
And to top it off it adds just a nice level of bounce and spring to your seat for extra comfort.
Highly recommended by these and quite a few other iba and long distance riders, we have most certainly tried and tested them in all conditions over some very serious mileage.

Mark & Denise Collins

I ordered a cool cover 4 my R1 2004 as the exhaust runs under seat getting very uncomfortable in the summer The cool cover did the trick also fitted nicely Great company to deal with Thanks very much Deb and John P S will definitely tell all mates about great friendly service Thankyou

Chris G