Had seat and pillion covers fitted in less than an Hour after 150 mile ride to Ledbury. The return trip was definitely more comfortable and the my wife also happy with the result so good news all round many thanks to John and the ladies who Sew..

Clive Hartfall

The cool cover is a total game changer. Once installed, I came to find out I cannot ride without one. When buying my new bike the only accessory I had to have was the cool cover. Everything else is secondary. Seriously.


This the third set I was after and because it’s a brand new model it wasn’t off the shelf. After a few texts and a phone call or two my bike it parked up, seats were off and the talented ladies got to work, really friendly, really looked after me and a fantastic end result in time for my trip to the Italian Lakes. Such a great product and such amazing service. Thank you John, Deb and your fantastic team!

Darryl Pollock

Custom made for the F800 with Sargent low seat and off the shelf for the T120 (but needed instruction on how to refit the seat properly!). Excellent service from the team – only a couple of hours for everything to be perfect. After a 1500 mile trip around Scotland our joint verdict is ‘brilliant’ – no fidgeting and all day long comfort.

Helen & Graham Stratford

My triumph seat was starting to soften and crease a little. So being a big fan of the cool covers, put them on my Himalayan and GS1200, I gave Deb a call and she invited me over for a fitment. Turns out the Triumph Scrambler cover fits perfectly. This has firmed the seat up and I now get the air con. Great customer service from Deb and colleagues, thanks.


Made a purchase based on one link in a friend’s website. Bought rider and pillion even though I never take passengers. They fit really well and look great. Now, the review. Wow. I must say I was skeptical but I did a 1600km ride yesterday and these covers were amazing. They do everything it says on the packet. Highly recommended, especially for distance riders. Also, delivery to New Zealand was so quick! Thankyou!!

Alan Doak

Excellent service great product.

Neil Locke

Well impressed with my Cool Cover. Having a very hot summer here in New Zealand and the cover works great. Very easy to fit and fits well. Gives a little extra height to. Thanks.

Cary Myler

This is 5th cool cover I have had on 5 different makes of bike . Never ever been disappointed . Both John , Debbi and staff ever so helpfull , good to do business with them . Thanks again .

Michael Cunningham

I ordered one for my MT09 Tracer which has a Corbin seat. With me supplying some photos and some measurements they were able to make a custom cover and it fitted perfectly. Fantastic service.
I then did a tour of France in August 2020 over 2,500miles in all weather conditions. Including a dash back from Millau to Ouisterham when France was put on the amber list in the middle of the trip. 525 miles in a day and I really believe that the Cool Cover made it bearable even though it rained for the whole journey.
I think it is a fantastic product in any weather conditions.

David Ball