Great cover, you can definitely feel the benefits of these covers.

David J

Absolutely perfect product and service, can’t fault anything. I wasn’t able to visit for an in person custom fitting, but less than a week after posting my seat to them, it is back on the bike with its smart new cover. Could not be happier, thank you.

David Jacob

LOVE these Cool Covers, and wish I’d discovered them earlier. I’ve been replacing stock saddles with Corbin or Seat Concepts…when I should have just put these on. The airflow is outstanding, the firmness is just right, and it’s great to not have to dry the saddle off after the bike is out in the rain or dew. I highly recommend!

Todd Christian

Hi all
This is my third set of cool covers and swear by them!
Never leave home without them, brilliant bit of kit for your bike and fantastic for those longer European tours in the heat, and sometimes the wet.
Brilliant service makes it the place I’d always return to and John and the team are always on hand to help you out!
Don’t think about it, just do it!

Darryl Pollock

Bespoke cover made for the Indian by send the seat in and was returned within a couple of weeks.
Brilliant in the rain. First time I’ve ridden and never had a damp groin or backside.

Neil Woodcock

This is a brilliant add on to my standard oem seat, bought it direct from coolcovers over 3 years ago and around 40k miles.including 2 euro tours which i initially purchased it for. perfomamce has been brilliant, i suffer from lower spinal problems and it has aided comfort for me a lot with the spring it has in its design feature.. the airflow is brilliant in warm weather, it is durable and should last me at least another 10k miles… yes i highly recommend.

Peter jones

Met John on his travels to France as we were leaving Portsmouth. Lovely guy to chat too. Ordered the rider seat cover yesterday. Called the office and was informed I could ride up the day after (today) (2 hours each way). Thank you for your wonderful customer service and fitting the cover for me. What an amazing product. Why didn’t I buy this sooner. The ride home was super comfortable. No aches and pains from the seat area. Just gotta sort my aching knee now 🤣

Thank you very much.

David Gower

Impulse buy! Visited Cool Covers with a friend who was having a custom fit, weather was hot! The difference was noticeable immediately, cool, comfortable and looks long lasting. Nothing but praise for the customer service and care we received, this is the product you want and the people you want to buy it from!
A small investment for huge rewards!

Phil Ayling

Needed a custom seat cover as the seat was an Extra low model from Tourtech. Spoke to John and he said it would be no problem. Posted my seat to him on Tuesday and he hand delivered it back to me (60 miles) on the Friday ! Fantastic service and the seat cover looks amazing. Great UK company to deal with. Thank you.

John rowley

Excellent service. The welcome from Debs and the team was great. My cover was made and fitted within the given timescales. I was expecting comfort on my 160 mile trip home as our BMW tourer has the Cool Cover. The comfort on my ride back home exceeded my expectations. Thank you.

Lynne Hoare